Siste nytt > For us it’s simple. If we help our customers succeed, then we succeed too.

For us it’s simple. If we help our customers succeed, then we succeed too.

For us it’s simple. If we help our customers succeed, then we succeed too.

NEW PARTNER: Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN is home to one of Norway’s leading IT and business system consultancy firms. Regnskapshuset was introduced to SEMINE by a mutual customer, and it wasn’t long before both parties realised they would make a great team. Now they want to help businesses in central Norway succeed using Semines technology and expertise.

With 500 staff spread across more than 40 offices, Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN is Central Norway’s largest supplier of accounting and financial services. They focus on a combination of expertise and technology – and offer their customers a wide range of business support services. One of the company’s divisions is Digital Services, which assists businesses with ERP, CRM, BI, infrastructure and security.

”We want to help our customers succeed. This involves both streamlining and automation, but above all providing our customers with insight, analysis and a good basis for decision-making. Accounting ,” says Kjetil Tynes, Head of Digital Services at Regnskapshuset.

Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset is an accredited partner of both Visma and Xledger, and SEMINE will become an integrated part of the company’s services for smaller customers.

Major boost for customers

Senior ERP consultants, Arnljot Holten and Stian Mjøsund, have extensive experience of assisting customers in using technology to support business processes. They have no doubt that SEMINE will provide a major boost for many customers.

“With SEMINE, our larger customers will enjoy a much more automated flow than in the past. This will free up time for more value-added tasks. We will also take details to a whole new level, since SEMINE extracts all the necessary information from invoices right down to the individual product line. It is incredibly exciting to think what this can add to reporting.”

Now they are all looking forward to showcase SEMINE to both new and existing customers.

”For us it’s simple. If we help our customers succeed, then we succeed too. We are confident that together with SEMINE we will make a great team that helps businesses in Central Norway move to the next level with the help of technology and expertise,” concludes Kjetil.

Greater reach in the north

Through Digital Services, Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN will initially be a SemineE Growth Partner, which means they will be responsible for both sales and delivery of the platform.

”We soon realised that Digital Services really understood our value message, and being able to deliver an innovative platform like SEMINE to the market will give both them and their customers a competitive edge,” says Inger Eek Tronerud, Partner Development Manager at Semine.

“With Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN as a partner, we will have even greater reach in the north of Norway, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us both!”

Meet the SEMINE team at Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN here.